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FEZANA wishes a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Navroze/Nourouz to fellow Zarathushtis and to our friends across North America & worldwide.


Empowering Women to break away from the vicious circle of poverty


NEW YORK, March 11, 2014 – Women from all over the World gathered to attend parallel events happening at the Church Centre in the UN Plaza for the CSW meeting.  Havovi Bharda, Tanya Bharda, Rayomond Dinshaw, Homi Gandhi, Nurelle Mehta, Afreed Mistry, Nina Mistry, Behram Pastakia and Mani Rao from FEZANA were all representing the Zoroastrians at the UN CSW meeting.  The group has been working since November 2013 to put together a panel discussion titled, “Empowering women to break away from the vicious circle of poverty.”  The panel discussion moderated by Behram Pastakia was extremely well received yesterday.

Zoroastrian Delegation at the CSW Meeting at the United Nations, March 2014
L-R: Havovi Bharda, Tanya Bharda, Nurelle Mehta, Homi Gandhi, Mani Rao, Afreed Mistry, Rayomond Dinshaw, Behram Pastakia
Missing: Nina Mistry

Religion of Asho Zarathusht and Influence Through the Ages by Jehan Bagli

FEZANA is proud to present a complete scanned copy of
Religion of Asho Zarathusht and Influence Through the Ages
by Ervad Jehan Bagli


FEZANA has sought and received permission from Ervad Jehan Bagli, the author; to share this Zarathushti religious educational treasure in the public domain.

Download The Religion of Asho Zarathusht and Influence Through the Ages (15 MB PDF format)

Call for Nominations for 2014 FEZANA Awards

We are requesting you all to circulate the nomination package and nominate individuals for our North American Zarathushti Community Awards. 

As you may know, these awards will be given out at the North American Congress in December 2014 at Los Angles, CA.
There are 7 award categories:

    • Outstanding Zarathushti Student Award
    • Outstanding Young Zarathushti Award
    • Excellence in Performing Arts, Painting or Literature Award
    • Excellence in Business or Profession Award
    • Humanitarian Service Award
    • Outstanding Zarathushti Award
    • North American Mobeds Council (NAMC) Community Services Award

The Awards Committee would like receive at minimum 3-4 applications for each award category - for your reference, a minimum of 2 applications is required for there to be a recipient for an award category.  We are therefore asking each and every association and corresponding member association to nominate at least 2 individuals from their community.  We know that we have the talent within our community, and that a number of individuals within our North American community qualify for these awards.  It is therefore up to us to recognize them for their achievement and showcase them in order to inspire the next generation.


ZAH Library, home of FIRES (FEZANA Information Research & Education Systems) is pleased to host the third NAMC (North American Mobed Council) Seminar.
Topics and presenters are:
1. Mobedyar Khushroo Mirza from ZSO, Toronto - “Zarathushti Core Principles in Our Daily Lives"
What are these Core Principles? What do they mean to us in simple terms? How do we adhere to these principles?
2. Ervad Faraidoon Pundole from ZAH, Houston - “Concept of Sin in Zoroastrianism”
What constitutes sin and what is its nature? How do we know if we are committing sin or not ?
3. Ervad Tehemton Mirza from ZSO, Toronto - “Concept of Heaven in Zoroastrianism”
Explore these questions: Do you know the path to heaven? How did Prophet Zarathushtra describe heaven? Do you have to be a Zoroastrian to reach heaven? How is life in heaven?\
4. Ervad Poras Balsara from ZANT, Dallas - “Persepolis - Rising from the Ruins”
Explore a brief construction history and interesting features of Persepolis through its present ruins brought to life by various recreation projects.
Date:    Saturday February 15, 2014
Place:   Zarathushti Heritage & Cultural Center
Time:    10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Lunch 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. - $15.00 per person. RSVP Arnavaz Sethna –
February 16, 2014 - Informal talk and discussion



The declining demographics of the Zarathushti world is of major concern to all. Acknowledging the problem and identifying its extent and ramifications was the first step which was articulated in the FALL 2013 issue of the FEZANA Journal. More importantly what do we need to do to reverse the trend or at least to stabilize or stop its rapid decline. A cross section of the North American Zarathushti population was surveyed for their opinion: first generation, next generation, intermarried, intra married, young, old, male, female, Iranian Zarathushtis, Parsi Zarathushtis.  
We received a plethora of information, laments as well as creative thoughts. Cognizant of the fact that by adding all this information to the printed issue would increase the printing and mailing costs when our subscriptions are declining we are trying a new hybrid approach. We are placing on the FEZANA website ( ) the addendum Part 1 containing the contributions of 34 First generation Zarathushtis and Part 2 containing the contributions of 34 next generation Zarathushtis . 
Let us know if you like this method, as it will help us save cost and provide you, our readers with quality thought provoking reading material .
Dolly Dastoor
Editor in chief
FEZANA Journal



FEZANA AGM 2014 Announced

The AGM of the Federation of the Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) will be held from Friday May 16th to Sunday May 18th, 2014.

On Friday afternoon there will be a session on FEZANA Infrastructure Development in North America, so please plan to attend.
A detailed agenda will be sent out in a few weeks.
The AGM will be held at:
Sheraton Bellevue Hotel
100 112th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004
In the upcoming weeks you will be receiving reminders that come with the closing of the year. Please make sure to keep with the deadlines that are requested of your associations and committees.

With this AGM the Executive positions that are open for election are the following:
- President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
-Assistant Secretary

Katayun Kapadia and Shiraz Italia are eligible for re-election to the positions of President and Assistant Secretary.

The position of Secretary is currently vacant and needs to be filled.

Best regards and wishes for a wonderful new year!

Shiraz Italia
FEZANA Assistant Secretary


SPANISH EDITION of FEZANA Journal Summer 2013 Issue : Cyrus Cylinder

Dear Readers

The special 2013 Summer issue of the Fezana Journal commemorating the visit of the iconic Cyrus Cylinder to five museums in United States from the British Museum generated a lot of interest on account of its universal and timeless message pertaining to Human Rights and Human Dignity. A request was made to have this issue available for the Spanish speaking community.

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Monica Riera, Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth, England, translate the English text and Dr. Shahrokh Khanizadeh for formatting the Spanish text to harmonize with the printed English version. We are grateful to both for their tremendous contribution of time and energy and to Dr. Carlos Riera Cervantes for facilitating this labor of love.

Best wishes,

Dolly Dastoor, Ph. D.
Editor-in-chief, FEZANA JOURNAL

Behram Pastakia, M.D., FACR
FEZANA, Publications Chair

DOWNLOAD The FEZANA Journal Summer 2013 Issue SPANISH EDITION in PDF Format (9.2 MB)

The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra : By Irach J. S. Taraporewala

FEZANA is proud to present a complete scanned copy of
The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra :  (translation of the Gathas into English)
By Irach J.S. Taraporewala
This is the first edition (1951) of the Divine Songs of Zarathushtra, by Irach J.S. Taraporewala, courtesy of Ervad Soli Dastur, who has taken permission from the family and heirs of the author in Mumbai,  to share this Zarathushti religious educational treasure in the public domain.
Note: The PDF is a big file and will take time to download.

Zoroastrian Youth Winter Retreat 2014

Zoroastrian Youth of North America (ZYNA) will be exploring historic Claremont, California.

Join us for a celebration of team building, friendship, and fellowship.


This will be a unifying retreat geared towards college and graduate students (ages 18-24) who will get to know one another on a deeper level. The new generation of Zoroastrians will be able to strengthen friendships and connect with like-minded professionals that live and work by the core beliefs of our religion through excursions. Mingle and surround yourself with energetic, ambitious individuals.

ZYNA is on a mission to give professionals the opportunity to connect, share ideas, resources, thoughts, and opportunities. Our vision is to cultivate a community of young Zoroastrians that are focused on building relationships and working together to learn, grow and make a difference in the world we live in. College students from North America, and possibly even abroad, will come together to connect. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who want to build UNITY in our religious community. 

Who? Zoroastrian Youth 18-24 years of age

What? Team Building Retreat

Where? Claremont, California

When? January 31-February 2

Why? To strengthen unity amongst Zoroastrian youth

RSVP: January 10, 2014


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